Wrench, peace of mind to your Shopify store

Be in total control of your store with automatic backups, easy restores, uptime monitor alerts and more...

Get a continuous and automatic backup of your entire store

Wrench will keep an up to date backup which allows you to restore your entire store or specific items like products, collections or themes.

  • Daily scheduled and on demand backups
  • Easy recoveries of single items
  • Restore your entire store in one click

Receive instant notifications if your store ever goes offline

Wrench will keep an eye on your store to make sure you - and not your customers - are the first to know if something bad were to happen with it.

But don't worry, if that's the case you'll always have a backup!

  • Instant pings with your stores status
  • On call schedules for the notifications
  • Don't miss any sales due to downtime

Control and fine tune who can visit your store

Wrench will keep unwanted visitors away from your store. Either by geographical targeting or more fine tuned by IP targeting.

  • Block users from any country
  • Block certain IPs from your store
  • A log of every block made by Wrench

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15 monthly orders



  • Up to 20 orders
  • Daily scheduled backups
  • On demand backups
  • Easy recoveries
  • Instant pings with store status
  • On call schedule for notifications
  • Block visitors from countries
  • Block IPs

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